Self-integration – How I work

A self-integration mentoring session is free-form; the workflow adapts organically to your needs and may be exploratory, educational and / or experiential in nature. Each session is 1½ hours.

Elements of the workflow 

We begin with exploring your current situation, where you are and where you want to be. To prepare for a session, you will be asked to hone in on 1-2 focus areas for that session; for example increasing your physical energy level, emotional healing and support, finding clarity on your life path, deepening your spiritual practice, or simply finding routines that work in alignment with who you want to be. We can let themes evolve – but it’s helpful to have a starting point. You may find inspiration to what I can help you with below.

Lifestyle factors
When we have honed in on what area of life you want to see change in, we will explore what lifestyle factors may need more attention. We will look at all aspects of your being; mental, emotional, physical and energy, to see what could help you align your specific life situation to who you want to be and where you want to go. This work is highly dependent on your nature and current situation. It could include, for just a few examples, teaching your body to self-regulate and the parasympathetic response (deep relaxation), exercises for sensuality or joy, understanding and working at depth with emotions, thoughts and mindset shifting, exploring and setting boundaries, practical habit building exercises and support, playful self-exploration with archetypes, methods for working with your own energy, mindfulness meditations that work for you… and so on.

Already mentioned among lifestyle factors, mindset exploration will continue throughout our journey. The reason is that when we struggle with something, we usually carry subconscious mindsets that conflict with our conscious desires. It’s beneficial to both become clear on our conscious desires and work to align our thoughts with this, and to uncover our unconscious thought processes. Which leads us to…

Shadow work
In short, we could define our “shadow” as everything that is yet unconscious in our internal state, and “shadow work” as any work we do to illuminate these unconscious elements (thoughts, emotions, energy). The problem with unconscious thought processes is that they often sabotage our conscious will. Bringing things to conscious awareness helps us take back the reins of our own life. If this was an easy process we’d all be living our dream lives. The reason we all have resistance to shadow work, is that those unconscious patterns once arose to protect us. Part of us feels threatened by questioning our unconscious beliefs. We need to move emotionally directly towards this feeling of threat in order to see our current internal state clearly. Only by learning where we actually are, can we begin to work effectively towards where we want to be. 

Light work
Life needs a balance between struggle and joy; between working hard on understanding ourselves, and simply letting go and enjoy life. With “light work”, many people today mean “energy work”. Regulating your energy is an important aspect to regulating you inner balance – but it isn’t all there is. I’ll support you in finding a good balancing for you – something many light workers today struggle with.

Balance and active integration
Any insights you gain from working to understand yourself, must be turned into practice to be helpful in your life. For example, if you learn that you are an empath, how can that information help you deal with the practical challenges present in your life? I’ll support you to turn knowledge into real life change that will help you feel more healthy, balanced and aligned in all aspects of your life. 


Self-integration mentoring: examples of what I can help you with… 

  • cultivate a sense of inner safety, cultivate deep relaxation response and situational self-regulation,
  • reconnect with your body and emotions without numbing or overwhelm,
  • understand & calm the constant thought chatter and cultivate more inner peace,
  • understanding emotional abuse; eg. neglect, narcissism & co-dependency, unconscious manipulation, etc.
  • deep healing work (shadow work, inner child work, parts work, Completion Process) in a gentle, compassionate way to release self-harming coping mechanisms and trauma
  • understand your personal energy, how to regulate it, and how to increase it if your energy is often low,
  • create better aligned habits that invite more joy, aliveness and presence into your life,
  • explore and practice your courage, integrity, boundaries and authentic voice,
  • explore and deepen different aspects of intimacy: physical, mental, emotional, energetic
  • reclaim your sensuality and sexuality as the sacred life force (foundation for kundalini awakening) 
  • tap into your intuition, allowing it to find clarity on your desires and dreams and guide you fulfil them
  • create a personal spiritual practice that feels truly supportive to you.

Some of these themes may be explored through playful exercises or practice, others require deep contemplation or the courage to go deep within to meet difficult emotions and thoughts head-on. 

Your willingness to experiment will not only help you understand what you need to know in your current situation. It will also to cultivate an inner knowing of what will support your continued healing and expansion. 

For the session, and as you carry on with life, please remember that every life path is different, and moves at its own pace. Healing usually works in cycles of ups and downs. Deep work is never predictable; it needs to evolve organically with abundant tenderness, acceptance and compassion – this, in fact, is what makes it so transformative.

My gift is to help you unveil your gifts, limiting mindsets, blind spots and opportunities. Where you feel stuck, I may offer a fresh perspective, or concepts and practices to try on. I’ll be your support in taking any next step you need to take – so long as you commit to do the work.