Reiki – Preparations and what to expect

Your preparations

The days before: It’s helpful to prepare your body and mind for a session a few days in advance. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself. Move your body every day, especially in nature if you can. Drink plenty of water (especially on the day of your session) and allow some extra time to be with yourself after session and the day after. 

It may be interesting, if you feel able to, to reduce tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and comfort foods prior to a session. This may allow more conscious processing of why you feel drawn to these aids in the first place. Just do your best though – none of us are perfect and it’s a journey for all of us.

The session: We will not be in direct contact during the session. With your consent, I will contact you the day after to share any information that may have come up. So, set your phone on flight mode and make sure that you can be undisturbed for the entire session. Use soft music or scents if that helps you relax. Keep a journal ready nearby. After the session, you may want to write down any impressions, thoughts, emotions, sensations or insights that may have come up. Even if they seem insignificant in the moment, they may feel deeply purposeful days, weeks or months from now.

5-15 minutes before the session, either sit down with your spine long and at ease, or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and scan your body, allowing any tension to release organically, without pushing it to relax. Breathe naturally, without restrain. Relaxation helps calm your nervous system, which increases internal awareness and helps you feel the effects of your session. Just remember that sensing anything particular is not necessary for the energy to do exactly what is needed. Letting go of expectations for what will happen will make the process easier for you.

From the start of our session, allow for about 40 minutes to let the energy do its work. You don’t have to think about anything special. Just allow yourself to be nurtured. Relax into, and be aware of your experience as it is. If you find yourself distracted, simply return to the experience of your body and breath.

I will begin and end the session with a clear intention. Some people feel this, others do not. You may trust your intuition to know when you’ve filled your cup – or have a timer set on 30-40 minutes in case you’re unsure. Remember, this time is for you. You’re allowed to finish early, or to stay in the energy for much longer if you feel like it. The energy I share is powerful and it can take time to absorb it (think days, weeks, months!). Rest assured that the energy will be available for however long you request it simply by tuning in with conscious intention.

If you would forget the appointment, find yourself busy and unable to relax at your scheduled time, or fall asleep, the energy will still find it’s way to you. From experience, I am confident that the energy you need is available whenever you allow it to be fully received. Even if it happens little by little.


What to expect

We are complex beings, and everyone has different disposition, conditions, reactions to, and ability to perceive energy work. Try to simply be present with your experience and allow any sensations to rise and pass as they need.

Some possible direct benefits from a session with me:

    • Feeling very relaxed, light and free
    • Experiencing being deeply loved, held and nourished
    • Feeling grounded and connected to Earth and nature
    • Experiencing something new and beautiful within you
    • Becoming more integrated with a deeper connection with life
    • Feeling touched by something greater than yourself

The most common experiences
reported in session by my clients are: very deep relaxation (muscular, mental and/or energetic), a feeling of safety and profound peace, lightness/floating, tension and pain relief, tingling, pulsating sensations and warmth. There can be an embracing feeling of being unconditionally loved and held, as well as joy and happiness, heart opening and aliveness. Other possible experiences might be temporary nausea or light-headedness, sensing energy movement, cold/draft, visions, or intuitively understanding difficult life situations or previously hidden processes; whether emotional, cognitive or spiritual. There may be sensations of pain (physical, emotional and/or mental) intensifying before they release. All these experiences teach you, subtly and often mostly unconsciously over a period of time, to be present with and heal yourself with unconditional love, which in turn heals your relationship with yourself and the world.

More rarely there have been spiritual experiences of feeling a presence or inexplicably not alone, body dissolution, dissolving the every-day linear sense of time, or a general ability to acknowledge and hold contradicting aspects of oneself that previously had been creating internal discord and/or suppression.

Another possible experience related to energy healing is a so-called healing crisis. This can happen when previously suppressed information in our subconscious comes up for conscious healing, and we resist it. A healing crisis may involve a period of intense emotional turmoil and possibly physical expressions of that internal work. These symptoms are not inherently bad; they are a natural stage of that particular healing process. Just like a fever is protection for the body during illness, symptoms of a healing crisis ask us to slow down to really listen within. They also ask us to take good care of ourselves, supporting our healing as much as possible in its different aspects: body (nourishing with anti-inflammatory food, moderate exercise, stretching, rest and sleep), thoughts and emotions (talking to a dear friend, journaling, meditating, physical release like singing, dancing, creative work or anything that lights you up) and energy (being vigilant of what energy you feed yourself with; including attitudes and habits, boundaries towards other people, news and entertainment, examining if daily routines support your energy, etc).

After session, I will share with you any information I received in-session for the purpose of being shared with you. That may include short messages, parts of your body that are asking for attention, visions, etc. If any such information is received (I cannot guarantee it will be; your subconscious decides what to share), trust that whatever comes through, comes for a reason, even if it doesn’t make sense yet. Also, know that you can trust your ability to interpret these messages, now or over some time. I can help try to interpret information if you ask – but your internal knowing always takes precedence.

You are welcome to contact me before or after session if you have further questions or concerns.


What others have said

“I feel very light and very relaxed. My body was resting 100%. The energy was so soft mild and lovely.” – N

“I felt a warm bubbling feeling in my legs and a nurturing embracing warmth in my whole body. I felt so safe, relaxed and peaceful during the whole session.” – M

“It was very soothing and serene. Like something or someone created a wave near 1/4 inches of the body… a bit of levitation. Once in between it felt like ants on my body (very beautiful experience) and I could sense and feel my whole body. I could feel like very small points (acupressure) pressing on my body (ahhh what an experience). At last my mind and body felt relaxed and the head felt light too. Very very beautiful experience. Thank you for this ” – S

“I am feeling so purged and calm now. Feeling asleep and now I am in a very good mood. Tranquillity basically. Thank you for my enlightenment. And love. I am feeling astonishing and great. I feel flying now. What a beautiful session it was.  – S


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