How the Completion Process works


We will begin our call by identifying a current issue in your life. This could be anything from patterns that aren’t making you happy, to recent triggers, to things you already know you want to heal from the past. Any background that feels relevant can also be laid out now. It is important to be flexible about what actually comes up; when moving into the process we will work with what feels relevant in each moment – which can sometimes evolve to be entirely different than what you first had in mind.

We will then move seamlessly into the Completion Process. This process is based on 18 steps. The steps are not mentioned, and you will not notice most of them – partly because it’s such a natural and organic process, and partly because you are directing the progress with your wants and needs. For example, you may feel like staying longer with one step, or return to a previous one. You may skip a step as you don’t need it – or you may not feel ready to move to the “next one” in that particular session. Any way it goes is perfect for where you are at that moment. 

Some steps that will be present in every process are; feeling into the sensations in your body, feeling your emotions, and validation of any sensations, emotions, thoughts or memories that appear. If we do active inner child work, validation will happen in multiple stages. A process may conclude with validation at any one of these stages, or it may proceed to “completion”.


One step of the process takes place in an internal safe space of your choosing. This is a mental room or environment (indoor and/or outdoor) that you can mentally go to in order to feel safe, calm and at ease. It can be real or imagined, and need not reflect reality at all – whatever helps you feel nurtured and safe. It can also include people or beings that help you feel protected, nurtured, and loved. Allowing your imagination to create such an internal safe space is a common practice in modern visualization meditations; if you already have one, feel free to use that if you want to. 

If you don’t have an internal safe space already, I ask you to create one before the session. Teal Swan has a meditation on creating a Safe Haven designed for this purpose. You could also search on YouTube, or if you’re like me and prefer guiding your own meditation, you can do that instead. For the Completion Process, do make sure to include an element of water in the safe space, in any form that feels good to you. That could be an ocean, lake, stream, shower, bath… If you dislike water, you might use another element instead, like earth or fire.

The safe space is where the final energetic release happens when thoughts and memories are ready to detach from their emotional attachments. Please note that this part of the process is not always reached. It may happen in the next session, or sometimes much later, when you have integrated other parts connected to that memory. Accept that whatever happens is in perfect accordance with your current readiness level.

Session premise

There are a few mindsets that really helps facilitate the process in the most powerful way possible. I’m not asking you to adopt any belief you don’t already feel comfortable with. I only suggest that within the session, you remain open to the following ideas.

The suggested mindsets to consider are:

1. Any trigger or emotional or mental discomfort appears for a valid reason.
If we take the word “trauma” to mean any situation that has left us with unresolved feelings, this wide definition will include situations we otherwise often minimize or discount. We can then begin to allow ourselves to fully feel the emotions tied to that situation, validate them, and release our attachment to them so as to integrate and heal. Even if what shows up seems bigger than remembered, or possibly imagined, the feelings are valid and need to be seen as such.

2. Fully feeling our emotions releases our fear of them, which frees us from attachment to them.
In daily life, our own fear of certain emotions creates avoidance; resistance to experiencing them. Unfortunately, what we resist persist; they will remain a threat to our inner peace. The more we avoid something in our internal world, while at the same time working towards increased awareness, the more this tension will create external situations and triggers to draw attention to what we are avoiding within. Awareness itself is healing. To experience the profound benefits of this process, we need to have the courage to dive right into emotions and any related suppressed memories, rather than avoiding them.

3. There may be several points in the process where you may choose whether to move forward, stay or do something else with the process. Please know that at every choice point, that choice is fully up to you. There is no set goal to healing. For example, sometimes the most healing thing is to allow an uncomfortable feeling to stay without trying to fix it. Try to stay open to what you actually feel that you want or need.

4. We are in the power to create closure. Imagination is our friend to do so.
Very often, inner children will show up in a session that know surprisingly clearly what they want and need. Even if we don’t get clear communication with inner children, needs will come up to be addressed when given opportunity to do so. We can and should use our imagination to help them achieve a state of contentment. This will all be guided. Allyou need to do is trust that imagination is your friend, and that it will help lead the session perfectly to the kind of resolution that you are ready for and need at a given time.

Practical details

After booking your session I will send you a Zoom link over email. You’ll be accepted into the Zoom room at the agreed date and time. Please prepare and test your microphone / setup before the session starts.

Make sure you can be undisturbed, and have enough time to complete your session. A session can take 1-3 hours; most often around 2 hours including the initial discussion. Do what you can to stay comfortable for the duration of the session. Sit comfortably, and prepare with blankets to keep you warm if needed. You may take a break when the flow of the session allows it; but we try to keep interruptions to a minimum.

When the session comes to an end, allow some time to reflect on and integrate what you’ve learnt. I recommend writing about your experience while it’s still fresh – keep a diary nearby. Also know that it is normal to feel tired after the intensity of a session; if you can take a break after the session and rest, go for a walk in nature, have a bath or some other nurturing activity, this will help you integrate even deeper.

If you felt helped by a session with me, a review would be invaluable to me! You can post it on my Facebook page, or email it to me for use on my homepage. Thank you! ♡

Final words

This work is my ikigai; my gift and source of fulfilment. The profound healing and transformation that I’ve seen with each Completion Process is unmatched by anything else I’ve experienced. I cannot guarantee your outcome in or after a session, because it is always in your own hands. However, your readiness to extend the trust of being held in deep intimacy, strengthens my own trust that together we can heal the the world – in baby steps, starting with ourselves.  

I hope that some of my passion and inspiration for self-integration has helped inspire you, too.
If you feel ready to take a leap of faith, contact me to book your first session.  

With warmth,
Sandra Ehlers