∞ Infinite Love Immersion – with Kundalini Activation ∞


September 17 – November 26
Advanced weekly immersion
for embodied soul awakening



Infinite Love – Kundalini Activation Immersion 

This profoundly empowering immersion is designed to spark and safely support your Kundalini in an embodied awakening experience. Fusing down-to-earth and esoteric, the 11 full immersion workshops + online classes and monthly support sessions will assist your healing, expansion and integration while you are given 4 (+1) powerful Kundalini activations and weekly healings along the 3 month journey.

In addition, you get all the perks of the Satya Sangha included (monthly circles, workshops, meditations, virtual retreat, etc). Also, a retreat is in planning for those of you who wish to supercharge your journey!

A Shaktipat is the beginning of a journey. Your work is then to “keep the flame alive“. This is what the immersion container is designed to help you with – applicable to any ascension path.

The workshop series and healing packages are also independently available.
They are complementary, meaning they empower the journey in specific complementary ways, but you are always free to choose what suits your needs (eg. personal packages are not constrained by time, but do not offer the workshop & group elements). As a thank you, signing up for one part now opens up sweet deals for the other parts in the future. ♡☼❀

All workshops include teaching (yogic & modern wisdom), embodiment tools & exercises, sharing our ongoing personal processes, and guided healing meditations. Since safety is foundational for all healing & growing, participants are reqiuired to hold a safe space for each other. The group size is limited to allow for safe vulnerability and warmth.

11 week online class + workshops 

2 hour weekly workshop: Sundays 6pm CEST | noon EST | 9am PDT 
Recorded and available (only for participants!) on replay after the workshop.

Up to 1 hour weekly class: pre-recorded, released Mondays.

Since each class is released before the corresponding workshop, you can watch and work with the material on your own time, and bring your questions to the group sessions. 

Part 1: DEEP HEALING Sept 17 – Oct 22, 2023 (6 workshops + classes)

Starting with the foundation, we will explore every aspect of life through a lens of awakening. A combination of modern and ancient tools for the body, mind, emotions, energy, intuition and integration will help shed clarity on your own awakening process, and to integrate the awakening experience in all aspects of being. A balance of shadow and light work opens you to deeper healing and to expanded awareness. From there, you’ll learn to consciously create a sense of authentic alignment, empowering you to step into your radiance.

Part 2: INFINITE LOVE Oct 29 – Nov 26, 2023 (5 workshops + classes)

With the foundation in place, we are ready to move deeper into the tantric part of the series. You’ll learn to connect to your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; aspiring for inner union. While it sounds esoteric, this immersion is very down to earth and applicable to your life. And know that being messy is warmly welcome here – one of our aims is to fully embrace our humanness! Start from where you are with honesty and acceptance, as this allows you to work through the layers of being towards deeper intimacy in all aspects. From somatic to spiritual – this is a journey of intimacy. To all aspects of yourself foremost – then to others and to the greater whole. 

Kundalini activation & healing sessions

Note: KA activation sessions and/or personal packages are also available independently.

The 1:1 sessions for Kundalini activation are brought to you in collaboration with Kundalini master Naman Patel. After having been initiated directly by his guru, Naman works with a rare method of activation that does not require physical presence. We call this Shaktipat (activation) Shiva Shakti – it’s a visceral experience of your life force awakening.

Since Naman once activated my Kundalini, I can assure you that results are astounding! 🙂 Naman and I share among us decades of experience in self-integration and tantric practice. We also share being on a path of devotion, coming together to offer our healing gifts for the benefit of all. We believe that now is a time in history when humanity needs and is ready for the the innate power that is released with surrendering to our divine nature.

1:1 sessions and further group support

@satya sangha monthly celebration ceremony: 1st Monday of each month, 1.5 hours
Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11 — 9am PST | noon EST | 4pm UTC | 6pm CET

@satya sangha monthly group healing support: 3rd Monday of each month, 1.5 hours
Sept 18, Oct 23, Nov 20, Dec 18 — 9am PST | noon EST | 4pm UTC | 6pm CET

Personal healing / activations: When you book the full immersion, including healing sessions and Shaktipat, your 1:1 sessions are booked individually, according to your personal schedule, over the 3 month journey (or even after). Details and calendar booking are provided within the course.


Art: @les_esprits_libres
Art: Strength Bonded Love, Carina Ehlers

Why 4 Kundalini activations rather than just one?

In principle, one Shaktipat can be enough. However, in our experience, Kundalini awakening is rarely linear, especially not in the reality of our messy lives. As Kundalini starts to move, it stirs up imprints that need to be cleared. If Kundalini is made to rise all at once, this means all your imprints that need your healing awareness will be brought to surface all at once, which is overwhelming and can lead to complications.

You are gifted 4 personal Kundalini activations over time, along with tools to handle the imprint clearing, precisely so that you’ll have time to integrate the transformation while still in the safe container of the group. Naman can sense your ability to receive and hold energy, and will adjust the energy you receive accordingly, so you needn’t fear energy overwhelm. If you do feel overwhelmed at any point, we will help you return to balance.

“Sandra´s and Naman´s work is incredibly profound and powerful. Working with them changed my life – it initiated me into new levels of healing and cellular bliss. My deepest gratitude for the love and mastery that both of them embody and that they offer to the world.”

Ilan Spephani

Ilan Stephani is a Berlin based bestselling author, speaker and researcher on how to shift collective paradigms and un-learn cultural conditioning to gain back our natural orgasmic aliveness.


Is this for you?

This immersion is very potent. Therefore it is best (though not a requirement) if you have a stable home situation. We ask that you are already on a spiritual path or open to it, and have an innate desire to go deeper into your physical-mental-spiritual awakening. You do not need previous experience in yoga philosophy. The foundational wisdom (NO dogma, only helpful principles & the art of questioning) will be included, and there is little to no hatha yoga included in this immersion. If you feel unsure, simply contact us and we can help you find out if you are ready.

Throughout the intensive, we will dive into how the yogic/tantric framework and modern science can support you in your real life in simple ways. In the second half, we will explore and celebrate the polarities of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, seeking to understand and balance these energies within. Please note that any polarity work is internal and not gender specific; and that any gender is welcome.

Each workshop comes alive with playful embodiment practices, sharing our journeys for healing, energy healings, and meditations. We will go into everything from somatic reconnecting with your body, to tantric energy healing tools, to deep karmic release, and of course, Kundalini activation. This way you’ll be supported to a stable foundation for deeply embodied consciousness expansion.

If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We are here to help make your journey simple and safe. Just show up as you are, allow yourself to be loved and nourished by the wisdom and practices. Be present with what comes up, and learn how to let go. Welcome home. 


Art: @les_esprits_libres

The people behind this immersion 

Naman will bring you the experience of Kundalini activation by distance Shaktipat. Naman is a Shakti Sadhak practicing the highest tantra sadhna called Sri Vidya. He was first initiated to energy healing by his guru in India at age 14. He continued within the lineage and was initiated into ancient and sacred Shiva Shakti in 2010. He has now been committed to spiritual union for two decades and is, from my own experience, an extremely powerful healer.

Sandra teaches yogic & tantric wisdom as it is applicable in our real and messy lives. This will aid you to deepen your intimacy with the divine feminine – divine masculine polarities, and to balance them in your daily experience, serving as a foundation for approaching inner union.
Her professional specialty is deep emotional-mental work that goes to the root of suffering in order to truly heal. As a part of this program, you’ll be supported to dive deep into the subconscious – mind and emotions – to release any knots that tie you to limiting and unhelpful patterns. Sandra also teaches and offers energy work and deep Yoga Nidra meditations for training the mind to deeper states of consciousness.

Artwork: @les_esprits_libres

Included in the workshop series (without Shiva Shakti)

  • 11 recorded classes + 11 live Zoom sessions; 3 hours/week (value €605, package price €400)
    Each workshop includes:
    – wisdom sharing for a stable foundation, satsang (q&a)
    – embodiment exercises & prompts
    – sharing our ongoing personal processes, blocks, intentions
    – pranayam +deep healing meditation incl energy healing (value €44 each)
    – lifetime replays, only accessible to course participants
  • Shambhavi + Shiva Shakti: 1 group session to begin our journey with Naman (value €75, price 44)

Total value: €680 

Infinite Love Workshop price: € 444 


Included in the full Infinite Love Immersion 

  • 11 recorded classes + 11 live Zoom sessions; 3 hours/week (value €605, immersion price €400)
  • Shambhavi + Shiva Shakti: 4 personal Kundalini Activations (value €780 for 4 – now €585)
  • Shambhavi + Shiva Shakti: 1 group session to begin our journey with Naman (value €75 – FREE)
  • Completion Process: 1 personal 3h session for deep emotional healing (value €210 – now €105)
  • Shakti Reiki: 2 personal sessions to root into your feminine with Sandra (value €130 – now €65)
  • Satya Sangha membership: (value €319 1st month; €28 for monthly membership – FREE)
    • Celebrate Life – monthly circle 1.5h: ceremony, meditation, sharing (value €11)

    • Monthly online workshops 1-2h: Kundalini, Sacred Sexuality, … (value €44) 

    • Reconnect to the 5 Elements Course (value €77) 
    • Awakening to Joy 3-day virtual retreat (value €88)

    • Meditation library: Powerful guided meditations (value €99)

    • FREE: monthly live mini-workshop, monthly live meditation, newsletter…
    • Discounts off selected events

Total value: € 2119 

Full Infinite Love Immersion price: € 1155 

The first workshop includes group Shambhavi and Shiva Shakti to give you a taste of what is to come. Of all the modalities we offer, Shiva Shakti is the most physically intense. You will receive 4 personal sessions in total, ideally well distributed over the 3 months. You may book each session individually with Naman.

Shambhavi, while more physically subtle, is most potent for karmic cleansing and can be done any time of the 3 month immersion. This is also true for the lovingly grounding Shakti Reiki healing. 

Shakti Reiki is grounding and nurturing healing that helps integrate the energetic, emotional and mental shifts from Shiva Shakti.

In addition to the packages, you receive special discounts for other healing modalities that may be of interest to you, including Completion Process, Vedic Astrology Reading and more. 

Art: @les_esprits_libres

Before booking

Remember, nothing in the immersion is mandatory, especially not the healings and activations. We ask you to tune into your inner truth as for what will benefit you, and when. Please read and accept the community agreements to ensure a safe healing space for all involved.

Also note that a single Shiva Shakti session may require up to 4-5 hours of preparation. Hence we will try to schedule these sessions early in the immersion to ensure enough time between personal sessions. If something urgent comes up for you in the days before your session is due, we can re-schedule your session for later. Ideally we would want you to do it within the program, where you have the group support and space to ask questions about your journey.

Before booking, please make enough space in your calendar for this deeply healing and life-changing inner work, so that you can show up with your full presence and commitment. It’s ok if you miss parts – replays are available. Just do your best to show up for yourself.

During this immersion, allow enough time for rest and sleep to integrate activations and teachings. Choose wholesome food, and drink water to support your body-energy system. We are happy to support you in your lifestyle preparation in the ways needed for you personally. We start from where you are, and go gently forward, building a strong and lasting foundation for well-being.

Curriculum – Workshops

Part 1: Foundation

1. Aligning to Infinite Love
2. Body: Preparing the body for lightning
3. Mind: Mastering the mind 
4. Emotions: Inner alchemy of shadow & light 
5. Energy Work: Understand your energy & techniques
6. Integration & soul alignment

Part 2: Consciousness evolution
7. Working with our life force; tantra and Kundalini
8. Divine Masculine principle in your life
9. Divine Feminine principle in your life 
10. Retrieve playfulness, passion, joy, love, bliss in the body
11. The art of Inner Union 

Course page – details subject to change


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