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I’m available for trauma integration with the Completion Process, spiritual / energy / deep meditation guidance, and Reiki healing. I offer Shakti Reiki, a practice that was intuitively developed through my own Kundalini awakening and strong connection to the nurturing feminine energy. As a result, you might find a session with me deeply relaxing, safe, unconditionally loving and supportive of deep release.


Time booking

Contact me to book at least 3-4 days in advance. Please specify your preferred day(s) of week and time(s) of day in your request.


Please read: What to expect and how to prepare

Reiki works best if approached like meditation – with full presence and without expectations or judgement. Trust that you will be given exactly the energy that is beneficial to you at this time, and try to allow any experience with loving awareness.


Payment is due 1 day before the session, or after the free first counselling if applicable. Use PayPal to pay (scroll down).
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Recent quotes

“I feel very light and very relaxed. My body was resting 100%. The energy was so soft mild and lovely.” – N

“I felt a warm bubbling feeling in my legs and a nurturing embracing warmth in my whole body. I felt so safe, relaxed and peaceful during the whole session.” – M

“It was very soothing and serene. Like something or someone created a wave near 1/4 inches of the body… a bit of levitation. Once in between it felt like ants on my body (very beautiful experience) and I could sense and feel my whole body. I could feel like very small points (acupressure) pressing on my body (ahhh what an experience). At last my mind and body felt relaxed and the head felt light too. Very very beautiful experience. Thank you for this ♥️ ” – S

“I am feeling so purged and calm now. Feeling asleep and now I am in a very good mood. Tranquillity basically. Thank you for my enlightenment. And love. I am feeling astonishing and great. The experience was so amazing. I feel flying now. What a beautiful session it was. 🙏🏻 – S

Offers and pricing

1 Reiki distance session, €44
including: 30+ minute session + follow up

2 Reiki distance sessions, €75
including: 2×30+ minute session + follow up

Group Reiki distance session, €85
including: 1×45 minute session
Invite your friends or family to experience Reiki! There’s no upper limit to the number of participants. Just like in 1:1 Reiki, all participants need to be willing and engaged, set aside time, relax and let go of expectations. If the intention of all participants is strong, the energy can be intensified!
Please organise and book a session through one person.

5 Reiki distance sessions for the price of 4, €176
including: 5×30 minute sessions over 3 or more weeks, each with personal follow up and guidance to support healing of deep, long-term issues. Full payment is required before the first session.

Completion Process session, €88 
including: email intro, 1½-3 hour Zoom call 
100% money back guarantee on 1st session!
Deep healing work with the Completion Process by Teal Swan. Suitable for both deep trauma integration (cPTSD, emotional, mental and physical abuse, traumatic events) and subtler life triggers (relationships, work, self-care, spirituality etc). Expect emotional vipassana, inner child work and integrating memories that have been fragmented by dissociation (trauma). Different to a therapy session, every CP concludes with integration – you will not leave a session with unaddressed raw emotions. 
More info is sent on email prior to session.

Completion Process Packages available after the first session:
3 for 2 – €176

Pay for sessions & packages here

Reiki; Completion Process; Self-integration guidance
Any personal request?

I received distance Reiki from Sandra and have to say that she is very gifted. During my session, I was able to feel energy streaming though my hands; it was undeniably noticeable to me. After my session I felt physically calm, yet mentally alert. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely go back to Sandra for another session. Sandra is a kind and gentle soul whom I have been lucky to connect with. Thank you for facilitating healing for me!



Sandra gave me a beautiful distant Reiki healing. I felt calmness wash over me as she did her treatment. I will definitely be going back to her again! Her report afterwards on what she discovered during her treatment was very vivid and detailed. She was very professional and an incredibly gifted healer.

Very highly recommended!! ❤❤❤ Thank you so much ❤🙏



I would highly recommend Sandra, she intuitively knew what needed to be done and has helped me clear some blockages I was not aware i had. I can see progress already and I thank you for helping me.
Nikki x