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A few live workshops may possibly be resumed in late Autumn 2021.
Info will be announced here when the location is certain.

We recommend you to not make arrangements for long-distance
travel until the situation is clarified.

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shakti-celebration gathering


Shakti Celebration – 8/8 Lion’s Gate & New Moon

A Sacred Communion & Manifestation Portal

The 8/8 Lions Gate Portal 2021is an incredibly powerful date for energetic transformation.
And how do we best harness its power? By gathering and sharing meditation can celebration, of course!

Shared energy work powerfully amplifies the connection to universal energy for each participant; strengthening awareness, energetic release, manifestation power, and insight for your spiritual progress. I invite you to experience the liberating power of meditating and healing together on this special day through a small intimate gathering over Zoom.

The session will be focused on tapping into Shakti (as creation/creative energy), into giving and receiving healing in connection to Gaia, as well as an experience of union between Shakti & Shiva – or presence in and with our physical existence versus expanding our awareness beyond the manifest. It’ll be an incredibly deeply healing adventure journey towards embracing your own wholeness! 


Time: 3 pm – 4:30 pm UTC; 11 am – 12:30 pm EST

Date: August 8, 2021 | Price: 13 Euro

Email to register (limited group size – register soon!)

Included: 1½ hours of deep re-connection

Opening meditation & breathwork – release, realign and refresh your energy through a guided meditation where you will be embraced by and energetically grounded in Nature and Gaia. Allow yourself to relieve tension and receive her nourishment and love for you.

Lion’s Gate & New Moon Ceremony – you’ll get to set your personal intentions for the new cycle and powerfully invite them in through fun celebration incl. Sankirtan (easy mantra releasing your intention to the universe). You’ll be invited to connect with and honor the universal creative force, Shakti, and harness it as it flows through your own sacred expression, as we move into…

Guided Reiki Healing & Deep Meditation – bring forth the power of your inner creative source. This will be an energetically very powerful Shakti Reiki infused group meditation. Yoga Nidra style, it will be guided carefully beginning with a body scan to relax your entire body, and then your energy, to help you tune in to your kundalini creative force and heart guidance.

Satsang, or sharing circle, to integrate and share your experiences.



August 2021 Special: Free Shakti Reiki Group Sessions

Did you know that energy healing is even more powerful
when shared with others with one common intention?


This is a one-time offer to help you to make the most of the powerful energy that will be available to us on Earth during August 2021, peaking during Lion’s Gate on August 8. Over the course of a year, I and other energy workers across the globe have been guided to help facilitate energy healing during this unique window of energetic activity and evolution. This special event is offered in collaboration with certified medium Carina Ehlers

To participate in the free distance energy healing sessions, join our dedicated closed Facebook group, Sunday Shakti Reiki Healing, that offers space for soulful connection, shared experiences and information around energy work. The sessions are coordinated in the group and then held offline. We hope you’ll feel at home and free to share your own experiences in mutual support and expansion. 


When: Sessions are 30 minutes (offline), starting 6pm UTC on Sundays August.

How: Join our dedicated Facebook group Sunday Shakti Reiki Healing


Who is this for? What do I need to know?

This is for you who are ready to make a leap in your energetic evolution. Some experience with receiving or working with energy is recommended as this will be a time of powerful energy. That said, all you need to know to prepare and participate in our free sessions will be shared in the Facebook group.

This is a bilingual group (English and Swedish). For info in Swedish, see here.

Do I have to participate in all sessions?

No, in the group you may choose what sessions to participate in by RSVP to that week’s session event. You could participate in just one session, in several or in all of them according to your preference.

How do these sessions differ from a regular distance Reiki session?

These group sessions differ from regular sessions in a couple of ways.

Session focus: This Lion’s Gate Special is ALL about harnessing the powerful energies present during August 2021. There will be a heavy focus on connecting with Gaia and the universal creative energy (Shakti), rooting and preparing us to ascend in awareness (Shiva). In other words an experience of expanding into love in both manifest form and universal awareness – and the balancing of these two polarities – through a deeply rooted and heart guided practice.

In a regular 1:1 or group session with me, you may opt to have a specific or personal focus shared by both or all participants. While you may still bring personal intentions to these free August sessions, you are now invited to share our common focus to really seize the special potential of the Lion’s Gate.

Personal intuitive messages: In a regular session with me, you may choose to receive intuitive messages that I perceive in session. This is possible to some extent in group sessions, too. In this particular group, though, the focus is fully on energetic transformation, and no personal messages will be given. Trust that if there is a message you need to hear now, it will be given to you directly through your own intuition. 

Welcome to join today!

Previous online retreats: Awakening Workshop Series – Zoom

My heart is filled with gratitude for the recent Awakening Workshop Series – all the amazing participants and of course the beautiful co-hosting with Lucie Minne. Thank you for joining us – stay tuned for future Zoom workshops! Namaste, Sandra 

Participant experiences

“Just wanted to thank you both for the 3 workshops and giving us your time and enthusing us all so much. I’ve found myself looking forward to them more and more. So much to digest… I think I’ll be taking more time out to concentrate on it all… for which I am grateful to you both. Hopefully we’ll get a chance again for more. Again, thank you.” -Rachel

“I think it’s one of those times when you realise things come to you when you need them, when you’re ready. Because in this peculiar time, I’ve started walking down the lane watching Spring like I haven’t watched it for years. And I’m taking my time with that. And to be here today, and to listen to those poems and have that meditation, it’s just so relevant and so heartwarming. Thank you so much, it was beautiful.” – Jane

“Many thanks for the wonderful series of workshops which we so enjoyed. There are so many elements which we can take away with us and we shall keep listening, reading and practising – so beneficial in these difficult and challenging times. Thank you both again and, of course, Namaste,” – Lesley and Lee

“All that’s already been said! This is quite new to me, but I was able to take little snippets and remember, and hopefully to put them in my toolbox. Thank you very much, both of you. Brilliant.”

“Sandra you’ve got a lovely voice, it’s beautiful, and it makes you relax and really listen to what you said – and visualising as well. And that was so beautiful.” – Rachel

“Yes I can only just repeat what other people have said!
I didn’t have any difficulty relaxing – and I was concerned about that because at this time of day, normally it’s my most active time – and yet I’ve still managed to visualise exactly the place [you described] and it was amazing.” 


Erica: “It was very different, I’ve never experienced anything like that with the meditation, it will take a bit of getting in. But when you’re talking it feel like it’s been there all the time, if that makes sense”
Lee and Lesley: “It was wonderful – will you be doing it more workshops throughout summer?”

“We really enjoyed the relaxation and the mindfulness as well as the yoga. I found the mindfulness was different from what we’ve practised before and it was absolutely amazing. […The visualization] just works so beautifully. I’ve had an amazing calm after the meditation. So amazing.”

“As these weeks have gone by, I’ve felt I’ve gone more and more deeply into my own process, and it’s definitely been feeling like my life has been supported by it.”

Intuition Yoga Workshop 2019

In July 2019, Lucie Minne and Sandra Ehlers co-hosted a workshop in Kingsbridge, Devon (GB) on our deep source wisdom, a happy beginning that inspired Awakening Retreat/Workshop Series – and hopefully more to come…


Workshops 2020 – cancelled

I offer immersive mountain experiences to empower your personal path.
A highly effective blend of knowledge and experience to boost your confidence and
find deep trust, clarity and increased focus on the joy and possibilities in your life.

Most workshops take place in the mountains at the northern rim of the Alps.
Allow nature to support your inner renewal!

Courage & Confidence

Learn from direct experience in a beautiful alpine setting! On this fun and challenging 3-day active workshop with a small group of people, you will be safely guided to explore your personal limits – physical and mental. Enjoy grandiose nature, explore the courage, strength, resilience and lightness within you, and taste the joy of breaking free from limiting expectations! No previous mountain experience required. 

An experience to draw upon for years to come, be ready to shift perspective on the challenges in your life, and align your days with your intents & dreams.

Workshops 2020:

Youth aged 15-16 (Swedish): 7 day retreat – July 2020 

Adults (English): 3 days – July 2020


Deep healing

A weekend intensive to explore the original yogic concept of involution, and how to integrate this extensive ancient wisdom with modern science to create real mind-body health within challenges of modern life.

Workshops 2020:

1 weekend – November 2020

Joys of Mindfulness

Do you often get stuck in your head, struggle with your thoughts or the problems outside of you, or long for feeling more joy and sensation within everyday life? These workshops will help you return to joy, even when. A foundation of modern research and yogic wisdom offers powerful tools to understand the body-mind and strengthen your awareness, focus and clarity for greater depth and joy in life.

While the workshops are outdoors and the practices experiential, exercises are easy and can be made available also to those with movement restriction.

Workshops 2020:

Beginners (English): 1 day – May 2020

Beginners (English): 1 weekend – June 2020


Intuition guidance

Explore various aspects of your inner wisdom and strengthen its supporting role in your life. Intuition is our guide for deep yogic involution – learn to harness it to master your life journey.

Workshops 2020:

1 weekend (Swedish), December 2020 

Curious if this is for you?

If you wish to apply or have questions or concerns, please reach out:

The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them.

– Yogi Bhajan