Glastonbury, May 17-19:
Feminine Awakening Weekend 

Bali, June 12-19:
Feminine Awakening Retreat


Feminine Awakening Weekend, Glastonbury

May 18-19 2024 – arrive May 17 for a relaxing start 

Welcome to a new level of feminine delight! ❤

For women desiring to safely and gently support, nourish and ignite kundalini life force and unapologetic passion ❤

For this weekend immersive, we’re gathering in a tranquile, intimate, and very affordable house in the Glastonbury countryside, right beneath the tor. A hot spot for healing energies, this is a space to allow for magic to flow.

I and April, beloved co-host sister, are devoted to create a deeply safe space where you can breathe, feel fully, release, and be all of your beautiful self.

You’ll be softly guided through meditation and somatic practice, enjoy the sharing of wisdom and sisterhood, and safely explore what delight and ecstasy can feel like in your body.

Total price £260 / €303 incl. 2 nights accommodation + tuition, excl. meals + transportation. 

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Feminine Awakening Retreat, Bali

June 12-19, 2024

Deeply devoted to divine feminine ❤

For women devoted to truth, heart-led service of all, and unapologetic living. 

We are unconditionally devoted to divine feminine. To hold space to go deeper into your truth than ever before, and for your inner essence to shine through. 

The feminine flower needs deep safety to unfurl. With softness and playful exploration, you’ll practice techniques that haven’t been taught before. Find your anchor within limitlessness, ground your foundations through your body, and root deep.

From there, we journey through powerful somatic, energy and kundalini work. 

This supports you to directly, viscerally feel the full fire hidden within you – the fire of passion, aliveness and ecstasy. The fire of your feminine essence, your Kundalini and unapologetic passion.

This 1-week immersive is held in the gorgeous Trinity Gardens near Ubud, Bali.

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