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We are also growing the Satya Sangha online platform. It’s where we gather wisdom in the form of courses, workshops and events. And it’s a place to connect, belong and grow together! We are a sensitive, compassionate bunch, sharing the values of inner growth and self-alignment, mutual support, inspiration, joy and love. The red thread is the journey of inner union that we all walk.

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Satya Sangha Newsletter
Art: Go Within, Carina Ehlers

Walking together towards joy, bliss, and infinite love

Satya is dedicated to the experience of infinite love; of realizing the truth of our own Self. I’ve had personal experiences of infinite love, and ever since, it is my deepest heartfelt wish to provide spaces for us to come together and share this journey towards inner union.

For sure, the path to bliss is not always easy. It takes real work to integrate our awakenings into our often messy daily lives. Which is exactly why it is so important to have a Sangha!

Ours is a loving, intimate, warm community where our energy and trust in life can be renewed. Where our inner work can be witnessed and our pain alchemized, and where we get to celebrate the joy and beauty of life together. And last but not least; where we can be strengthened by our shared devotion to life, and to love for all beings. 

Satya Sangha is that intimate space where you, too, can share your wisdom and your gifts freely, as we connect heart to heart. I wish for you to be a co-creator; to contribute in the ways that light you up. Walking each other home…

If you are ready to join this new community, check out the Satya Sangha online platform. This is where all the events are offered from, and where event recordings, meditations and courses are saved for you to view anytime. By joining any tier of the Sangha, you get access to all our online events and community gatherings, including past recorded events.

Let me know if you’d like to collaborate and add your touch to the Satya Sangha offerings.

I’m so grateful to share this wild Earth journey with you! Thank you for being here, I’m very excited to get to know you in the Sangha soon.