About Reiki and deep healing

The natural healing capacity within the body, even when supported by medicine, can only function well when the body feels safe to heal. When we are stressed or traumatised, survival is the priority and our healing mechanisms are on lock-down. We have to pull out of that stress state and get into a parasympathetic-dominant state for healing to occur. Reiki supports this powerful natural healing response within the body.

“The ailments that Reiki seems to treat most effectively are those that orthodox medicine struggles to manage: pain, anxiety, chronic disease, and the fear or discomfort of facing not only the suffering of illness but also the suffering of treatment.” (source)

“What conventional medicine is excellent at is acute care. We can fix broken bones, we can unclog arteries, we can help somebody survive a significant trauma, and there are medicines for all sorts of symptoms, But medicine is less successful at recognising the way that emotion, trauma, and subjective experience can drive physical health—and the way that they can affect recovery from acute medical care.” Yufang Lin, an integrative-medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic

A Reiki session is to be seen as complementary to, and does not substitute a doctor.
Please note that I do not give Reiki to heal you from specific ailments short-term. On a more profound level, Reiki is a tool to understand yourself and the power of your body-mind-spirit connection, to find self-integration, self-acceptance and self-love. The highest outcome of any healing endeavour is that you use the new energy, insight and empowerment to align with your own inner guidance system to support your health and sense of wholeness.


How I view Reiki

Research is providing increasing evidence that the bio-magnetic energy field emanating from the heart and brain of one person affects another – even at a distance. Preliminary studies indicate that skilled practitioners of energy produce a significantly larger bio-magnetic reading in the theta-alpha range associated with physical healing. 

The natural state for the body is for energy to move freely in and through us as we experience the world. With trauma, energy gets frozen into the tissues in fixed patterns, which practitioners of energy work may be able to perceive. On the energetic level, Reiki helps this stagnant energy to move again. On a mental-emotional level, it works to bring unconscious processes to light, supporting you to make changes in thought and habit patterns and to release what no longer serve you.

Receiving Reiki from an experienced practitioner gifts you with the practitioner’s undivided presence-awareness. That focused awareness in itself is healing. But it also gives you the comfort of being held in your struggle; loved and cherished for who you are. 

All deep healing requires inner work. The ability to allow the entirety of your experience to be fully felt; self-acceptance; compassion; inner expansion – all of this comes through learning to love the parts of yourself that never received unconditional love in the formative years of your life. A good Reiki practitioner is able to hold space for your wounds to be seen, acknowledged and loved without judgment, so that you may find a way to do the same.

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Booking your session with me

How to prepare and what to expect


Honoring your integrity

I take your integrity very seriously. In all ways you would expect, of course, but also within the Reiki session – even a no-contact distance session. I would not receive any information that you haven’t already given me permission to bring to light. That’s the beauty of Reiki: You are always in control.

When I do have visions and messages, they are sometimes felt by the recipient too. It’s not always the case, and importantly, the interpretation of any message is yours to make, just like the healing experience is your own internal experience. It is helpful to trust that whatever you do experience is exactly what you need for your self-understanding right now.

Reiki is a gift of love and compassion to both the practitioner and the recipient, as they share a space of energetic intimacy. I’m deeply grateful for the trust given to me in every session; This open space of openness and loving acceptance is the greatest gift to ourselves and everyone around us.