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Advanced Healing for Soul Awakening
4 weeks intensive


Infinite Love – 4 week Advanced Healing for Soul Awakening

This is a truly unique, deeply transformative healing service offered in collaboration with Naman Patel.
Naman was first initiated to energy healing by his guru in India at age 14. He continued within the lineage and was initiated into ancient and sacred Shiva Shakti healing in 2010, later also to Ancient Indian Shambhavi healing, as directly transmitted from his Himalayan Yoga guru. He has now been committed to spiritual union for two decades and is, from my own experience, an extremely powerful healer.

Naman and I are energetic matches and our healing modalities complement each other. As we are both on the Bhakti yoga path, we have decided to offer our healing to others for the benefit of all. We believe that now is a time in history when humanity needs and is ready for the the innate power that is released with surrendering to our divine inner nature.

This package is comprehensive and very potent. Therefore it is most beneficial if you are already able to sense and work with your own energy, and strongly desire to go deeper into your physical-mental-spiritual awakening. If you are unsure, we will help you start where you are. Depending on your level and ambition, we may work with generally restoring your energy and well-being, help you align your life, deep karmic release, or possibly even Kundalini awakening.

We support you throughout the process for a safe healing journey. You only need to show up, allow yourself to be loved and nourished, be present with what comes up, and learn to let go. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Welcome home. 

Artwork: @les_esprits_libres
Artwork: @les_esprits_libres

Your gifts in this healing bundle

A free initial psychic reading will help us determine what modalities and guidance may serve you best. We will take into account both your energetic needs and what you are most interested in; for example to find your authentic expression or clarity on vocation, supporting physical and energetic health, deepen relationships, or Kundalini awakening.

After the initial reading, two healing modalities will be suggested depending on your needs and readiness to the process. You will be given the details of each, and decide for yourself how you want to proceed with the help of our guidance. Please remember that healing always needs to be your choice, and needs to be fully allowed and integrated to be effective.

We tailor each package to maximise your value according to your needs. For example you may include more or less of a particular healing modality, reading, or guidance per week;

Potential healing modalities in the Infinite Love package include: 
Shiva Shakti, Shambhavi, Shakti Reiki, Reiki, angelic healing

Potential readings to be added:
Psychic, angel & soul reading, Vedic astrology

Of the modalities we offer, Shiva Shakti is the most physically intense and, together with the physically more subtle Shambhavi, most potent for deep healing. We will only suggest these two if we find that you are fully capable of receiving, as it will otherwise come with the risk of energy overload. A single Shiva Shakti session may require up to 4-5 hours of preparation, and will only be given once a week together with 1 Shakti Reiki session/week. 

You may alternatively receive up to 3 sessions of Reiki, Shakti Reiki and/or angelic healing per week, or combined with readings of your choice.

Spiritual / emotional / life guidance will be given each week according to your needs to support your personal process.

In total you receive ca 3-4 hours per week including healing sessions, readings and guidance. The 4 weeks may be spread over a larger time span if needed.

Before booking, please make enough space in your calendar for this deeply healing and life-changing inner work, especially if you are looking for Kundalini work.

We also highly recommend that you take enough time for rest and sleep, that you choose wholesome food and drink plenty of water to support your body-energy system throughout the month. We are happy to support you in lifestyle preparation if and in however ways it is needed for you personally. We start from where you are, and go gently forward, building a strong and lasting foundation for well-being.


– Initial psychic reading and guidance to determine your personal needs
– Total of 10-15 hours/4 weeks of healing, readings and spiritual guidance

Package price: € 315 ($360)

(Value of same amounts of single sessions €524 / $600 – 40% off! )

Your guides in this healing journey:

Naman: Shambhavi and Shiva Shakti healing for Kundalini awakening, Reiki healing, angelic healing, psychic and soul reading, Vedic astrology reading, Tarot reading, angel reading, angel guidance for relationships, business, health, mental & emotional counselling.

Sandra: Shakti Reiki healing, body-mind health, conscious energy work, guidance to bring more joy, creativity, aliveness, courage, authenticity, peace and self-love, shadow work, heal your divine feminine, meditation and spiritual practice, kundalini awakening guidance.

Possible benefits

  • Experience love so deep it propels you to find & nurture this love within yourself
  • Elevate your life from inside – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health
  • Bring energy, joy and passion back into personal life and business 
  • Release trauma, heartbreak, fear and negative patterns from their seeds
  • Unveil and express your authentic self, release blocks to deep desires
  • Take your relationship to the next level (couples)
  • Understand and tap into the divine feminine and masculine within you
  • Balance your sexual energy and learn how to reignite your vitality (kundalini)
  • Refine your soul connection, feel touched by something greater than yourself


There is no timeline for healing
Everyone’s journey is unique and unpredictable, thus no timeline can be given for your intention to become realized. Do not lose hope – if you stay with an intention, and stay open to intuition about what needs to change for that intention to become realized, and take responsibility for that change to happen, your intention will be realized. What cannot be predicted is the route to realize it, nor the time it will take. Therefore, this package is to be seen as an accelerated start towards that change, not as the final destination.  

All offerings are to be seen as complementary to, and does not substitute a doctor.
Please note that we can not control your healing from specific ailments short-term; we can only hold space for it to occur. Your free will (subconscious and conscious) plays a major role in accepting and working with energy. On a more profound level, energy healing is a tool to understand yourself and the power of your body-mind-spirit connection; to find self-integration, self-acceptance and self-love. The highest outcome of any healing endeavour is that you use the new energy, insight and empowerment to align with your own inner guidance system, that already knows what you need to be healthy and whole.



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