I’m Sandra, a trauma informed yoga meditation teacher, self-integration spiritual guide, Reiki Master, life adventurer and writer currently based in Sweden.


I’m dedicated to help you create the foundation that will allow you a life of deeper physical, emotional and spiritual connection, focusing on self-integration to access internally sourced joy, love, peace, inspiration, freedom and deeper present-moment awareness in life.

I invite you to explore and expand your awareness, within and externally, on your journey towards the direct experience of Yoga (read more). I teach yogic wisdom, modern insight, shadow work, energy work etc. in a rather unconventional way – not just certain methods, but flexible guidelines that encourage direct embodiment of practices, and through which each person is empowered to tailor their own way. I always encourage you to start where you are, and to follow the practices that feel best for you in the moment. My teaching is trauma informed and sensitive to the needs of each individual or group.

My own foundation builds on a decade of deep immersion into the wisdom of traditional yoga as well as modern insight, on profound personal experience and on intuitive knowing for the people I connect with. This said, I encourage everyone to explore their own faith or beliefs, and simply allow any guidance to be starting points or clues to possibility.

Through my experience as a Reiki Master, I can attest to the very real benefits of energy work for the mind-body-energy system. Especially highly sensitive and/or emphatic persons may benefit greatly from learning to regulate their energy. Since most of us don’t really know about our own energy, let alone how to work with it, conscious energy work is not necessarily easy to begin with: it requires focus, patience and persistence. However, a gateway between the external and internal, energy work can both help increase personal body-mind-energy awareness and control, support well-being, and help bring us deeper into meditation. I also teach energy work in combination with Yoga Nidra to allow us go deeper into ourselves in meditation.

My path has been one of countless sharp and unexpected twists and turns, bottomless despair and bliss. For a decade, yoga and meditation has been my foundation to work with uncertainty, and has slowly unveiled how my underlying driving force, through every twist and turn, was always the same – the search for truth and truthfulness, Satya, and a life in full alignment with my innermost values. This journey has brought me tremendous joy and love, and my devotion to give love back is now guiding all aspects of my life.

If you feel drawn to explore your inner truth with me, let’s connect. I would feel honored and truly look forward to hearing from you!

What I offer

Spiritual guidance

I can help you with 1:1 support for life alignment; including emotional support and deep trauma work, creating supportive and aligned habits, creating a personal spiritual practice that truly supports your involution, finding your courage and authentic voice, guidance to deep self-trust and intuition, and more. For the yogis, I offer Kundalini awakening support or individualised guidance to go deeper in your personal meditation practice. Read more…

Reiki and energy work guidance

I offer deeply nourishing and powerful Shakti Reiki. Are you curious to see if energy work can really help you even at a distance? Or have you already tried Reiki before, and are eager for a powerful energetic experience? Begin here!

Teaching (2021 retreats & workshops cancelled due to Corona!)

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed to teach diverse subjects such as theoretical electrodynamics, climbing, and yoga/meditation. Surprisingly, they’ve all had one thing in common: The empowerment in overcoming one’s own limiting beliefs and in learning to trust oneself – which opens the door to deeper into our presence-awareness.

I teach yoga to all demographics. I’m especially drawn to helping youth find empowerment through a foundation of stability, self-compassion and self-confidence, to flourish whatever their path in life. I do youth volunteer work and am open to cooperation in this area.

Please note: I do not hold regular yoga classes in 2021. I may offer a few small local classes in Sweden in Autumn – please contact me.

Style: For Hatha (physical classes), I predominantly teach either the Akhanda method (“all of yoga”), including breath work and many of the the asana prevalent in modern classes, or Ashtanga-inspired free flows, or calming gentle classes. I also love to teach Yoga Nidra for deep-working meditative experiences. Read more 

Retreat facilitator

Note: All yoga retreats are on hold due to Covid-19. Some activity may possibly resume in the winter of 2021.

About: The yoga retreats rest on the foundation of traditional yoga and modern science. All classes and practices are crafted to support both clarity and real-life embodiment, deep connection and support for the individual journey, and the space to both withdraw fully and to fully expand and blossom. I emphasise the importance of a safe community and feeling nurtured, not pressured, by the practice.

Workshop facilitator

Note: All workshops are on hold due to location uncertainty. Some activity may possibly resume in the autumn of 2021.

About: Nature can powerfully elevate inner work. We benefit from its capacity to hold us connected and true to ourselves, to enhance and deepen our experience, and to help break limiting beliefs. The focus of the outdoor workshops ranges from re-igniting joy to deep emotional and energetic self-healing; from playing with comfort zones to creating life alignment. 




Writing is a life long passion and meditation practice of mine. I am currently engaged in two book projects and related content creation.

If you need an author for articles on yoga and deep healing, or the inner growth gifted to us by external adventures, please contact me to share your proposal.

I also write and translate poetry, create thought provoking social media content, and maintain a small blog about deep healing.


After physics, I became increasingly mesmerised by all aspects of how we understand ourselves as human beings; in particular how we view consciousness. This is where my yoga journey began, along with self-study of the intersection between science and actual human experience.

Since a decade I’ve also explored approaches to a spiritually healthy life through the frameworks of Yoga, using an array of techniques, skills and methods like mindfulness, contemplation, mantra and different types of meditation, finally finding myself drawn to the Bhakti path of service.

Coupled with modern Western ‘shadow work’ (rooted in psychology) and foundations to support self-compassion, self-trust, self-love and deep self understanding, I now combine all these schools of thought to help Westerners integrate the depth of both East and West into their own language and practice, guiding towards more aliveness, freedom and fulfilment in life.

The cornerstones of my own practice are to develop trust, intimacy and truth (Satya) in all aspects of life. We all have so much love, pain, experience and wisdom to share with one another, and as a teacher, my highest priority is to bring forth the wisdom that already resides within us all.

Mountain photography

AlpineJournals.se is a nature photography gallery shared by myself and Markus Kvist. It doubles as a resource bank of mountain tours in the Alps, including chosen journal entries recounting our adventures. We consider it a humble but hopefully helpful resource for people planning their own tours in the Alps. 

Web development, web design, content creation

Please visit my LinkedIn page for a formal curriculum. I do not offer freelance services at this time.