My healing journey and guiding principles

How my journey into healing began

At age 12 I suddenly knew the path before me. On that exhilarating day, a physicist had arrived to school to talk about a crazy elementary particle zoo and incomprehensible but dazzling quantum physics. I knew immediately that this was it. The mystery – the search for answers – drew me in like a magnet. I had become a truth seeker.

Before and throughout the many years in academia I was largely shaped by the scientific environment; rational and sceptical of alternative approaches to healing. But I also had the eagerness to keep learning – not just through books, but through experience. Over time, I have allowed my own lived experiences to shift and expand my perspective of what tools we have available to thrive as human beings.

So, what experiences initiated the path of ‘healing’ for me?

Somewhere on the yoga journey that commenced after my first ‘dark night of the soul’, I started with a Yoga Nidra exercise in bed before sleep. Simply put, it began as a focused relaxation practice for my body. I neither desired nor expected any other results from my efforts than to have my body release muscular tension. However, with time and daily practice, I noticed that things were happening within. More than tension release, I gradually learned to listen very, very attentively to my body; to deeper and more subtle signals. I noticed how my mind’s ability to focus strengthened and deepened with the daily practice, and eventually began to feel and “see” energy and warmth buzzing in correlation with my conscious awareness.

I found through my own experimentation that by placing very focused and intentional awareness inside my body, I can actually support its innate healing processes.

When my path then led me to Reiki, I found the same to be true across the “borders” of the human body. I can often ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the energy move in accordance with my focused awareness within the recipient, and I commonly get intuitive insight on what the recipient needs to know and work on during and after a session.

I’ve been attuned and certified in two different Reiki lineages since December 2017 (cert. 1 and 2) and conducted many intriguing, eye- and heart-opening sessions at distance and in person since then. I’ve routinely worked across country borders and cultural settings, observing that while every single person and session is unique, our shared humanness profoundly connects us.

If you are curious about a session with me, I want you to know that my work is not limited by culture, ethnicity, gender, faith, or any other label whatsoever. If you come to me, all of you is welcome.


The practice and process of deep healing

Healing is a natural gift that we are all born with. Our problems arise when something inhibits the innate healing capacity.

We all know the body does not want to harm us. It only wants homeostasis. Any harm comes either from outer circumstances or from our own mind. This is one of many things ancient yogis and sages have claimed all along – but you cannot simply hear this truth to understand it. You have to feel it, live it; get inside your mind and body and practice uncovering subconscious self-suppression – as well as acknowledge your innate beauty and limitlessness – in whatever ways uniquely works for you.

Traditional yoga is one way that has helped many people do such ‘inner work’. Buddhism and religions are other ways of seeking deeper self understanding – all possibly helpful as long as we avoid dogma to stay curious and self-honest. Modern psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science etc. bring additional beneficial insight to self-understanding. Reiki and other energy healing modalities offer yet other, complementing, ways to bring our long-hidden processes to light.

Energy work helps you move stagnant energy from wherever it’s been stuck in the energy field, to be seen and released in a healthy way. Additionally, and no less important, shared Reiki gifts you with space to be supported and held in your struggle; loved and cherished for who you are.

This is the purpose of my work – holding a loving space that allows both your “darkness” and “light” to be seen, understood and loved. And this is what you need to continue working with, should you want to truly heal something that’s been going on under the surface for “too long”. For true, long-term healing, you have to be active and do the work. It can be emotionally painful to see what’s been hidden arise to the conscious mind. It takes courage, acceptance and growing self compassion for anything that arises.

I have given healing to myself and many others with wonderful results, and I will keep doing this work with dedication. But my sincere wish is for you to learn how to heal yourself.

No one can tell you what a healthy and fulfilled life looks like for you. A great start for healing is to be mindful of the beliefs you keep repeating at the periphery of conscious thinking. The beliefs that tend to drag you down the same habit rabbit holes every day. Be kind and gentle to yourself, for they usually arise from deep hurts from long ago. Triggers may be so deeply buried that letting them out into the light sometimes seems impossible. Yet we have to try. Because it is only when we can be present with where we are now, examine and gain understanding of it and learn to love it, that we can move forwards toward more inner wholeness and contentment.


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