Terms for booking

Welcome to register for 2023 @satya events!

Workshops and events are open for everyone. Free events require no RSVP – simply tune into @satyamountainyoga on Facebook on time for the event.

For paid events, contact me to book your spot. You’ll get a payment link over email. Once you have booked and payed, the workshop link will be in your email inbox within 2 days. If the link hasn’t arrived by then, first check your spam folder, if you can’t find it contact me.

For the Infinite Love – Kundalini Activation Immersion, please fill in the intake form and we’ll guide you from there.

For the Infinite Love – Personal Kundalini Activation Package, please contact me to get started with your tailored package.

The general terms for booking below are valid for all workshops, retreats, and courses unless otherwise stated.
Please remember, the terms are meant to give you safety and clarity for your booking and participation.
If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Email address: This will only be used to send you the event link. It will be treated confidentially and will not be used for any other purposes.

Specific terms and event details

If there are specific terms for an event, these are detailed in the event descriptions on this homepage. If not, the general terms apply. The terms are agreed upon as you book your spot.

You will be given all the information you need well ahead of the event. The details will be sent over email after confirmation. Please note that any information given in direct communication will precede information given on this homepage in case these would differ.

Payment agreement

Payment of the booking fee, together with a filled-in application form (if applicable) and our subsequent confirmation, guarantees your place at the event. If applicable, it also includes reservation of a bed in shared accommodation, and full board for the duration of the event. Optional choices for rooms, extra services etc. may be available at booking and will increase the total cost.

In some cases, the accommodation is paid directly to the retreat resort at arrival. If for some reason you cannot pay at the location, you will be held liable for payment to the retreat resort.

Minimum/maximum number of participants

We reserve the right to cancel an event if the minimum number of participants is not reached 3 weeks prior to the first day of the event. In this case, your paid booking fee will be fully refunded, and you may opt in to be notified of future possibilities.

If the event has a maximum number of participants that is already reached as you book, you may choose to be put on a wait list. You will be informed as soon as a spot opens for you. Your contact information is not stored for other purposes unless you actively choose to.

Cancellation on behalf of the participant

You may cancel your participation before the event has started, and do not need special reasons for cancelling.
Depending on when the participation is cancelled, if not otherwise stated a partial refund of the total amount paid is made:

More than 12 weeks before the event:  50% back
12 – 8 weeks before the event:  25% back
8 weeks or less before the event:  non-refundable

The time windows relate to the first day of the event, and amount paid refers to the amount actually paid, incl. extra services. Cancellations less than 8 weeks before the event are not refunded. We also do not offer refunding for partial participation once the event has started, whether planned or unplanned.

Under special circumstances, individual compensation may be considered in form of participation in a future event. A personal appeal to postpone participation is to be handed in written form and based on thorough considerations.

Substitute participants are welcome in case you cannot make it, but have found someone to go in your place. Any fees paid will be used for the new participant as soon as a new application form is filled in, signed and approved. After the new application is approved, it becomes their responsibility to cover any remaining costs. Your refunding from the new participant is your responsibility.

Cancellation of the event on behalf of organisers

If the event is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants, the full amount is refunded.

If the event is cancelled due to unavailable teachers, inadmissible weather or any unknown/extreme factors, the full amount is refunded.

If the event has to be greatly changed or shortened due to teacher unavailability, inadmissible weather or other unknown/extreme conditions, a percentage can be refunded depending on the circumstances. In such a case we will first do our utmost to offer the event as complete as possible, then do a fair evaluation of the content reduction and applicable refund percentage.

Your responsibility

You are responsible for arriving on time at the start of the event, to be available for the duration of the event, and to plan your home journey in agreement with the finishing time given. If you travel from abroad, we generally recommend a buffer day before the event to ensure your arrival on time. We are happy to help you with travel and hotel suggestions if you need it to plan your journey.

Please note, we can assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries or medical issues sustained during the events. While the teachers do their utmost to create a safe and inclusive practice, it is your responsibility to be fully aware of your capabilities and limitations, and to obtain prior medical advise as needed. If there are medical reasons preventing your full participation in the program, this must be reported to us as soon as possible before the event. Of course, in the event of a medical concern appearing during the event we will assist you to medical help as swiftly as possible.

We can assume no responsibility for personal loss, theft or damage during our events. We encourage you to only travel with the items you need to participate. We may be able to help you with storage if needed; please notify us in advance.

Thank you for reading these general terms.

We look forward to a transformative and joyful time with you!