Reiki traditions and how I work

Reiki is a traditional Japanese meditation and energy healing practice. Apart from focused intention, a session is like a meditation – it works best when we are able to release expectations and worries, and dwell in the present moment experience. The work mostly happens on a level beyond conscious thought, and ripples out to the cognitive, emotional and physical level over time (days, weeks, and months). Also like meditation, all energy work is experiential practice. Its effectiveness goes beyond our normal cognition. So, try it without expectations, and then evaluate from your actual experience.

The Reiki tradition has broadly branched out in Eastern and Western schools. Both still build on the same principles, and are similarly effective although the methods now differ somewhat.

The Japanese style focuses on the flow of energy within the recipient’s body in an intuitive fashion. For example, energy blocks may be transmuted and individual/specific intentions may help guide you to positive transformation. It may also include meditation or other healing practices to augment your Reiki treatment.

The Western style of Reiki approaches the practice in a more methodical way. It tends to rely on a set of hand positions to allow energy to flow through your entire body. This framework is helpful to ensure the practitioner’s mind is kept out of the equation – similarly to how meditation is best done without expectations or judgement.

My training to become a Reiki Master is in the Western approach; however, over my years of practice I’ve found myself closer to the Japanese tradition. I’ve come to experience how hand positions, for example, are nothing more than an aid to keep the intention of a session steady and strong; and that when I am open and receptive without expectations, just like in meditation, I am guided to help the energy flow intuitively. This may include moving or clearing energy with my intention, or receiving visions or messages that will benefit the recipient’s continued journey. Since every single session is unique, I feel that intuition is more powerful than trying to apply a ready recipe for all.

I now offer what I call Shakti Reiki, an intuitive practice that emerged organically through my strong connection to the nurturing feminine energy. As a result, you might find a session with me unusually deeply relaxing, safe, nurturing and unconditionally loving. Thus the healing is empowered; even as Reiki energy is flowing unadulterated wherever and however it is needed by your body-mind.