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1:1 guidance to enhance self-trust, self-mastery & alignment

My gift is to help unveil people’s gifts, blind spots and opportunities. Where you feel stuck I may offer a fresh perspective, as well as different concepts and practices to try on.

Whether you look for trauma healing through shadow work, to deepen your relationships and intimacy, to understand how your mind, body, emotions and energy can work in unison, or to reach for your dreams, I can help you take the next step.1:1 sessions are offered over Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram.

A self-integration mentoring session is free-form: the workflow adapts organically to your needs and may be exploratory, educational and / or experiential in nature. 1 session is 1½ hours.

A Completion Process session follows an 18 step process to help you explore your internal state. You will experience it as an organic flow diving into your emotions and sensations. Expect 1-2½ hours for 1 session.

Price per session: from €88 (ca. US $100) – package available
I offer a 100% money back guarantee on your 1st session. 

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I am a certified trauma informed yoga teacher (260h), self-integration and intimacy mentor, Completion Process Practitioner, and Reiki Master, with additional training in trauma informed emotional support. I work with people across countries, cultures and labels, and bring a decade of experience of self-integration and healing work. 

Please note: I am not a medical professional. My services are complementary to and do not substitute medical support from your doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or other health care provider.

I tend to attract several different demographics:

– people with childhood trauma (cPTSD, mental, emotional or physical abuse, neglect, narcissism & codependency etc), sexual trauma or struggles related to sexuality, struggles to feel and express emotions or communicate intimately
– neuro-diverse / gifted / HSP / empath people who wish to better understand and regulate themselves
– people who seek a deeper intimacy on all levels, in close relationships and with oneself
– yogis, seekers of meaning, truth and trust beyond spiritual bypassing

Of course, any of these categories may overlap, and I welcome you regardless of what you struggle with.

I’m dedicated to create a completely safe, non-judgmental space where all of you, and anything that comes up in a session is welcome and, of course, 100% confidential. Mutual trust is crucial both to address and heal deep wounds and blocks from their root, and to find courage for deeper self-intimacy and growth.

While I do have a process and will help guide you through the aspects of your being, every person and situation is unique – hence each session evolves organically. You are always in charge of pace, what to explore more, what practices feel good to try on or not, what insights you wish to keep for your journey ahead, and so on.

Deep emotional work: It is a real and powerful skill to hold space for deep emotion without suppressing its depth and explosive charge, while letting it flow through our being in a healthy way. In my view, the skill of holding space for any emotion and thought is a key part of mindfulness; and it is paramount in my own teaching of yoga with truthfulness. We cannot go deeper without facing and accepting what we are presently experiencing within. Only when we have the courage to fully meet ourselves as we are, can we begin to transform the pain we have suppressed from something we suffered to something that empowers us. Only with full acceptance can we begin to find equanimity in the totality of our being, all parts included, beyond the conditioning of ‘good’ to ‘bad’. This is the process of integration; the cornerstone of all healing and alignment.

To the extent that you are willing, I will help you unveil truths underneath the physical, emotional, cognitive and energetic patterns that keep you stuck. You can overcome any obstacles within – but you need to work directly with the resistance, be open to change, and commit the time and energy to do it.
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Self-integration mentoring: €88 (ca $100)

includes: 1½h call on Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram, email follow-up.
May include home exercises depending on your request. 

Please specify 1-2 focus areas in your request before booking; for example increasing your energy level, emotional healing and support, relationships and intimacy, finding clarity and self-trust, deepening your spiritual practice, or simply finding routines that work in alignment with who you want to be. Themes may evolve, but it’s helpful to have a starting point.

Completion Process: 1-2½ hours, €88 (ca $100)

includes: 1-2½h call on Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram, email follow-up.

Please bring either a recent trigger, unresolved emotion or struggle that you want to explore in the session.  Most of all, bring an open mind. We will explore whatever arises at the time of our session.

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– 100% money back guarantee on your first session. 
– Packages available on request after the first session.

Finished your first session and want more?

Package price: To book a package of 5 sessions, enter your option and pay safely with PayPal below. 

Package Price: 3 sessions for 2: €176 (€264)
USD ca: $200 ($300)

Package Price: 5 sessions for 4: €352 (€440)
USD ca: $400 ($500)

Reiki, Energy work and Deep healing

I also offer distance Reiki – a deeply soothing, nurturing and relaxing experience and a real boost to your alignment. All inner work is aided by energy work. Not only through the direct effects of helping your body and energy rejuvenate and reset – but it’s also a doorway to insights from your subconscious on what you need, in any aspect of your being.

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What others say…

Sandra has been amazing. I came across her when I posted a question in a Reiki group about shadow work and how the two could be combined. After talking to her about the complete chaos I have been dealing with lately, she performed a Reiki distance session on me. I noticed the energy within my body for quite a bit of time after she messaged me to give me some insight into what she felt while performing the session. It’s been a few days since the distance session and Sandra has checked in with me each day. Each day, I have something new I bring up and her feedback/advice has been insightful and calming.

Thank you again, Sandra, for all of your help!




Sandra gave me a beautiful distant Reiki healing. I felt calmness wash over me as she did her treatment. I will definitely be going back to her again! Her report afterwards on what she discovered during her treatment was very vivid and detailed. She was very professional and an incredibly gifted healer.

Very highly recommended!! ❤❤❤ Thank you so much ❤🙏




I would highly recommend Sandra, she intuitively knew what needed to be done and has helped me clear some blockages I was not aware i had. I can see progress already and I thank you for helping me. Nikki x




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Thank you for thinking about the well-being of your friends! Namaste.