Foundations of Meditation Retreat

Your 11 day yoga meditation retreat to dive deep

Daily yoga, meditation, and group discussions to strengthen your foundations

Explore your source of energy, intention, focus, clarity, bliss and equanimity

Practice and share your true expression with a like-minded Sangha

Level: Some experience in yoga/intermediate

Are you longing to dive deeper into your spiritual practice?

This is a special opportunity for dedicated or curious practitioners of yoga and/or meditation to dive deeper into, and strengthen, your own practice – whatever ‘practice’ means to you. The retreat includes 11 days (10 nights) of lodging in single or shared rooms, nourishing vegetarian full board, and a comprehensive schedule of daily yoga and meditation, breath and mind-body practices, deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra, philosophical as well as practical foundations for meditation.

We begin by creating a safe and sacred space of acceptance and compassion in the group. There are no expectations on you other than kindness and openness – the intention is simply to create trust and let the group energy support and energise your practice.

Through philosophy and practice, the blend of ancient wisdom with modern insights on mind-body-energy health is designed to empower your personal practice, helping you return home confident and committed to unify your work and to embody your most aligned self.

As we dig deep into focused awareness, intention, clarity, stability, one-pointedness and joy in the continual process of going inward, we prepare ourselves to access the equanimity and bliss that exists within.

The retreat resort is carefully chosen to support this inner experience. It is beautifully located on a hillside at the northern rim of the Alps. The peaceful surroundings help us reconnect with Nature and with your own calm inner presence.

Where: Riederalp, Immenstadt (Germany)
When: Thursday, 15 – Sunday, 25 October 2020 


All days include the following elements, although exact times and practices may vary.
Allow your practice, intentions and goals to evolve and deepen throughout the retreat.

The new day begins in silence. We wake up with guided pranayama, silent meditation, visualisation practice and/or mantra meditation. 

After meditation, let the vegetarian breakfast buffet nourish you for the day ahead! This first meal is enjoyed in silence, a mindfulness practice to celebrate the experience of being. If new to this practice, you may be surprised to find how rich a silent meal can feel!

Back in the light-flooded yoga room, a lecture or a Satsang/open discussion is given on foundations for meditation. The lectures cover a wide range of topics, all related to empowering your practice with wisdom, understanding, skill and compassion. Yogic teachings are primarily from the lineage of Traditional Yoga of the Himalayan Masters; an original and complete source of yogic wisdom including all the limbs and aspects of yoga. These teachings are thoughtfully blended with modern insights about body-mind correlation, effects of meditation, the physical world and our relationship with it, and much more.

The lecture is followed by an invigorating yoga session. Find your focus, feel your alignment in new detail, balance your mind, strengthen your nervous system, and uncover your own inner stability, equipoise and grace.

After yoga, the delicious lunch buffet is served! Free from all hurry – there will now be free time to enjoy the beautiful area, meditate or rest.

The late afternoon offers a restorative yoga meditation session to integrate the day’s learning deep into your body. Let go, relax and rejuvenate.

Dinner will again be served as a wholesome vegetarian buffet. Relish in each other’s presence and in the insights and breakthroughs of the day.

We end the day with a deep silent meditation, either Yoga Nidra or a guided sitting meditation, allowing your being profound restoration and deepening your practice.

This is an in-depth programme with a possibility of profound transformation. The safe retreat environment may enable deep-seated blockages to finally move out of your being. The power of focused intention and awareness of the group intensifies our shared experience and empowers your personal practice. My hope is that you may return to your everyday life with this expanded awareness, integrating the insights and tools you discovered for yourself into everyday life and in your continued yogic journey.

This retreat explores the deeper levels of our being through dedicated, focused practice and study. It is suitable for those with some previous experience of yoga and meditation, who wish to strengthen their practice for long-term benefit. An ability to take certain asanas or sit cross-legged on the floor is not a prerequisite. It is also not required (though recommended) to attend all classes. You are, of course, warmly welcome to reach out if you have questions or concerns!

Typical Daily Schedule

Exact times/activities may be subject to change.

07:00-08:15 Morning meditation with breathing exercises
08:30-09:30 Breakfast
09.45-10:45 Satsang/practice
11:00-12:30 Yoga, invigorating
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Free time to explore the area, meditate or rest
16:00-17:30 Yoga, restorative
18:00-19:00 Supper
20:00-21:00 Evening meditation/Yoga Nidra

In your free time, enjoy…

A refreshing nature walk; Riederalp is beautifully located on a hillside in the Nagelfluhkette nature reserve.

Or if you prefer, relish in a cup of tea in the garden…

Or sit down for study, reading or writing time in the library…

Wifi: Please note that Riederalp is a retreat center and does not offer wifi. If you are in need of internet connection during your stay, we suggest a hike to Immenstadt (locations with wifi will be available on site.)

Vegetarian full board

The vegetarian food is prepared with love and intention by the retreat staff, using local and seasonal ingredients where possible. Helping our bodies with wholesome food is an important element to promote healing and transformation – while the joy of delicious taste helps nourish our inner experience!

Details and booking

When: Thursday, 15 October – Sunday, 25 October 2020
Please plan to arrive between 14.00 -16.00 on Thursday. Check-in is at 16.00, and the first session starts at 17.00; a restorative yoga meditation session, followed by our welcome supper and the first gentle evening meditation to wind down and release. The retreat finishes on Sunday after lunch, so you can plan your home journey from 14:00-16:00.

LocationRiederalp near Immenstadt, Allgäu, Germany
The retreat center offers single, 2-, 3- or 4-bed rooms, simple but very comfortable with wash basin and shared bathrooms. The lovely spacious yoga room, incl. yoga mats, meditation cushions, chairs and blankets (bring blocks/straps if you have!), is exclusively available for our use throughout the retreat (daytime). We also have access to a cozy library for quiet leisure time, as well as outdoor recreation areas. Note: Please state your preferred accommodation when booking. Sheets are not included in the price.

Getting there: The location is easily reached with train to Immenstadt (Bahnhof), see Deutsche Bahn. If coming with a car we suggest parking at Immenstadt Langzeitparkplatz P2 (well signposted throughout Immenstadt).

The closest airport is Memmingen (45′ by car), then Munich (2h). You may contact us if you need more help planning your trip.

Important note! Since Riederalp lies within a nature reserve, we will need to hike 30 minutes to the retreat center. A common hike may be arranged.
You may alternatively take a taxi from Immenstadt (ca. 10 Euro):
AlpenTaxi 08323/7979, 08321/65858, 08321/1510
Taxi Böck 08321/4040

Hiking route to Riederalp
Close to the train station there is a pedestrian bridge crossing the train tracks. Cross the bridge and head left immediately after. Cross another bridge (called “Steigbachbrücke”) and follow the signs towards “Mittagbahn”. When you arrive at the lift station (Mittagbahn), follow the mountainside straight ahead (neither down- nor steeply uphill) until the road ends. Welcome to Riederalp! OpenStreetMap

Booking: Contact me with your contact information (address, email, phone number), preferred accommodation, a few sentences on your previous experience, and any other information we would need to know (allergy, disability etc.). You will be provided with payment details via email. The booking is complete with payment of the tuition fee (see below). 

Min. number of guests: 15
Max. number of guests: 24

Read terms for booking

The Total Cost Consists of:

Tuition, ca. 60 hours:

  • 20 yoga sessions á 1-2h – invigorating and restorative.
  • 20 guided meditation sessions á 1h, incl. Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and more.
  • 10 lectures on the teachings of yoga as applicable in modern life
  • Space to explore and gain insight and depth in your personal practice, ask questions related to the yogic path, meet like-minded practitioners

Seminar Fee: 460 €

Seminar House Costs: from 680 €:
Including 10 nights in a shared room, shared bathroom, vegetarian full board, all-day access to yoga/meditation room equipped with mats and cushions, access to other day areas in and surrounding the retreat, incl. local tax
€ 680 in a 3- or 4-bed room
€ 730 in 2 bed room
€ 890 in single room

We warmly welcome you to join us in this deeply nourishing experience. Come as you are, allow the guidance and the group energy help you re-align and find joy and equanimity on your path to presence. Welcome to join the Sangha!

Riederalp with view over Allgäu
Retreat facilitator Sandra Ehlers
Riederalp retreat yoga meditation room
Single room
2 bed room
Shared (2+1) bed room
Vegetarian full board
Retreat library
Mittagberg hiking
Mittagberg hiking
Salmaaser Höhe hiking
Großer Alpsee
Nagelfluhkette hiking
Forest path
All faiths welcome!
Yoga meditation room


A few impressions from the beautifully located retreat center in Allgäu, Germany.

Images used with permission from Seminarzentrum Riederalp.

Yoga meditation room
Riederalp retreat yoga meditation room
Quiet time can be spent in the cozy retreat library


Some of the rooms offered at Riederalp. All rooms are comfortable, simple and bright.

Scenery and hiking opportunities in the area around the retreat

Riederalp with view over Allgäu, Germany
Hiking in the area: Großer Alpsee
Hiking in the area: Grosser Alpsee from near Salmaaser Höhe
Hiking in the area: Allgäu (near Oberstdorf)
Hiking in the area: Nagelfluhkette
Easy 30 minute hike to tucked-away Riederalp
Immenstadt; view to the mountain where our retreat is located
Hiking in the area: Mittagberg
Hiking in the area: Grosser Alpsee from Salmaaser Höhe
Hiking in the area: Allgäu (near FIschen)
Hiking in the area: Nagelfluhkette
Sunset behind Immenstädter Horn
Hiking in the area: Mittagberg panorama


Please contact us to book or for questions or concerns.


Welcome to retreat at Riederalp!