Feminine Awakening Retreat Bali

Welcome to a week soaked in feminine delight!
Your space to freely explore & nourish your life force
Dedicated energy work to support kundalini awakening


Feminine Awakening retreat – Bali

The feminine flower needs deep safety to unfurl. 

In my work, I meet women who’ve had to hold themselves through it all. Never fully supported through life, we had to withdraw a part of ourselves. That most vulnerable, sensitive, innocent and rich inner magic was hidden away to protect its preciousness. I did it, too. Until I fully surrendered to the power of truly safe sisterhood and unconditional heart leadership.

We are here for that process of unfurling. We are here to hold you in the energy of sacred union, which starts right where you are; bruises, sunshine and all. And if you are like us; sensitive, feel deeply, and easily overwhelmed by all the energy that moves as you learn to penetrate the heart of love… we are here for that, too. 

We know that the feminine awakening is a wild, weird, challenging, and breathtakingly beautiful journey. We are here to honor you completely in all of it. From your vulnerable hesitancy, to your total wholeness and divine beauty –  we know the intensity in our bones that you, beloved awakening woman, are also feeling.

In all this, it’s your time to be held in unconditional love. 

Incl. distance Shaktipat

In this retreat, you’ll practice consciousness techniques that haven’t been taught before. Find your anchor within limitlessness, ground your foundations through your body, and root deep.

With softness and playful exploration, we then journey through powerful somatic, energy and kundalini work. This supports you to directly, viscerally feel the full fire hidden within you – the fire of passion, aliveness and ecstasy. The fire of your true, felt inner goddess.

All you need to do is allow, surrender, and immerse in the goodness. 

As your journey guides, we are deeply honored to help safely and gently support, nourish and ignite your feminine essence. We are unconditionally devoted to allow your truth and inner essence shine through.




This 1-week immersive is held in the gorgeous Trinity Gardens in the tranquil countryside just north of Ubud. We have the whole facility to ourselves, ensuring an intimate, nourishing sisterhood experience. You’ll have your own room (unless you want to share a 160cm bed with a friend for a reduced price!), all rooms have access to bathroom and kitchen.


You’ll be well taken care of with delicious, soul-body nourishing plant-based meals from all-organic ingredients. Refreshment and snacks throughout the day are included.

Also included

Garden pool included (UV-cleaned; minimal clorine)

Full private access to yoga shala including all yoga supplies (for your free time) 

Ceremonies + 1 night exclusive use of the next-door steam sauna  

Airport transport included on check-in day – share your flight details 

Total price incl. full board: €1650 ($1777)

To book: email info@sandraehlers.se

…or book a discovery call if you want to check in with us first!



If you desire even more deliciousness, Ubud Yoga House is next door with three classes every day.

Cantika Alami Spa is down the path with amazing natural, organic treatments of all kinds.

And Dragonfly Village next door offers Lemongrass steam sauna evenings with open outdoor fire and food.

You can also ask on-site for travel inspiration and Bali recommendations onsite. We may arrange a common tour to sacred site Mt Agung, incl. the Mother Temple, on the final day or the day after the retreat, if participants are interested in a shared journey. This is separate from the retreat, paid on site.




Be softly guided through profound deep meditations, energy healings and somatic practice, enjoy the sharing of wisdom and sisterhood, and safely explore what delight and ecstasy feels like in your body. 

Throughout the retreat, we value the balance of spaciousness for being with yourself, with deeply nourishing and powerfully transforming journeying together. 

The schedule differs day to day, and is adjusted to the living needs of the group.

9-12am: Wisdom sharing & somatic practices
12-3pm: Lunch
3-4pm: Ceremony or creative play
4-6pm: Sharing, Satsang (Q&A)
6-8pm: Dinner
8-8:30pm: Yoga Nidra or other deep meditation



June 12 / Day 1:
– Check-in 2pm
– Welcome and blessing ceremony in the Yoga Shala
– Grounding meditation: Bali’s embrace & the power of Earth

June 13 / Day 2:
– Sacred sacral, emotionality & anchoring love into your vessel
– Evening Lemongrass steam sauna with open outdoor fire 

June 14 / Day 3:
– Heart & mind in love, consciousness leads, the innocent path
– Levels of consciousness, deep Yoga Nidra

June 15 / Day 4: 
– Priestess fire ceremony in the jungle at dawn
– Energy & kundalini work

June 16 / Day 5:
– Soul-body deep self-alignment

June 17 / Day 6:
– Shiva Shakti (kundalini “shaktipat”) 
– Ecstasy & bliss in your body

June 18 / Day 7:
– Inner Union 

June 19 / Travel day:
– Meditation & ceremony 
– Check-out 11am

All participation is optional. 

Your guides through this journey:

Devoted to bringing unity, love and bliss into rooted being in the world. Deep energy & Kundalini awakening work, full body-mind-energy alignment, mentoring for joy, shadow work, authenticity, ecstasy and divine love.


A woman walking the way of Love, in service to love and healing, with a passion for the Feminine Arts and embodiment. Artist. Reiki Master. Space holder. Mystic & Intuitive. Somatic & womb space healing. Ceremony.


Committed to spiritual union for 2 decades. Ancient Himalayan Shambhavi and Shiva Shakti healing for Kundalini awakening. Ancient tantric lineage Shaktipat transmission. Kundalini wisdom & support.