Deep Healing Retreat – Cyprus

April 12 – 20, 2023

Aphrodite invites you to her island for a deep soul adventure.
Align your whole being in rustic Mediterranean ambience.
Release your blocks to intimacy. Meet kindred spirits.
Rejuvenate and explore the richness of experience.

Deep Healing Retreat offers a small group gathering that will leave you both raw and open to explore your dreams.

I wanted a space that feels like home away from home. That offers sweet garden nooks to hide in the shade, and open areas to soak in the sun. Simplicity and a friendly ambience that leaves you at ease, to connect to soul family, and to withdraw in silence. A space where you can be vulnerable with other men and women on an awakening path.

Located in the south-western part of Cyprus, tucked away and surrounded by rural quietude. a small group of rustic houses offers just that cosy place to retreat together. Intentionally intimate, this is our space to practice being and becoming our truest version of self.

What you’ll experience

  • Be guided through shadow and light work to deep inner transformation, leaving you ligher, deeply rooted, and ready to expand higher.
  • Gain a profound understanding of your body, mind, emotions, energy and intuition to ready you for the next chapter of your life.
  • Find clarity on what you truly want, and how to deal with anything in the way of you going the distance.
  • Learn what aligmnent really means, and how to find it.
  • Gather practical yogic and modern tools for your life – and learn to trust your own inner wisdom so deeply that you needn’t really look for anything outside of you.
  • Have the opportunity for life long friendships, and to experience the ecstacy of letting yourself go together with others.

This retreat will invite you to explore, in your own body, mind and energy, the richness of experience your body was created to feel – to embody your soul reconnection. Together, we create an intimate safe space to share our wisdom and personal stories, work through trauma relief and embodiment practices, and reclaim our innate aliveness and joy through celebration and ceremony. All parts of you are welcome here.

Where you may go from here…

My highest priority is to help you feel empowered to continue your spiritual awakening fearlessly, leaving limitations in the past. You’ll build  explore the foundations that support your own life force to blossom.

From the foundation built this week, you’ll be prepared for higher consciousness evolution. You’ll be ready to learn to work with your life force – your kundalini. This experience – including Shaktipat – will be offered as a second retreat, diving deep into tantric teachings. I’m on a mission to empower your awakening path. You needn’t look to gurus or ancient scriptures – you have it all inside, the trick is just to unlock it.



shadow work & light work
deep alignment in all aspects
communion, sharing and belonging

practice intimacy, softness & strength

reconnect to play, joy & freedom 
daily meditation / yoga nidra
embodying your true nature
kundalini & divine within
See more: Curriculum

Daily schedule

07:00 – 07:50 Breakfast
08:00 – 12:00 Wisdom sharing & exercises 
12:00 – 15:00 Lunch, rest
15:00 – 16:00 Reconnection ceremony
16:00 – 17:00 Satsang 
17:00 – 18:15 Dinner
18:30 – 19:30 Kirtan (or similar)
19:45 – 20:15 Guided meditation

The day-to-day schedule is subject to change.

What are you ready to surrender or embrace in your body, mind, energy, soul?

Who could you be if you could choose freely?

What do you desire to create?

Join your soul family & find your alignment!

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

The venue

The retreat venue is a 5-house complex in rustic, traditional Mediterranian style:

  • Two houses with 1 bedroom (double bed), ideal for a couple but with a maximum capacity of 3 persons. 50 square meters, fully furnished and equipped.
  • Two houses with 2 bedrooms (1 room with double bed, 1 room with two single beds). Max 5 persons. 70 square meters, fully furnished and equipped.
  • A two-floor house with 2 bedrooms (1 room with double bed, 1 room with two single beds), kitchen and living room. 80 square meters, fully furnished and equipped.

All houses have air conditioning, bath rooms, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and living room. One house has a washing machine that may be used by all with sensitivity towards participants in this house.


Teaching space

All teaching and group expercises will take place outoor! 
This is made possible by the following considerations:

  • Cyprus has exceptionally stable, sunny weather. April is pre-season, which only means the perfect temperature – neither too hot or too cold to be outdoor. 
  • To avoid too much of the good (sun) we start early, sit in the shade, aided by parasols when the sun rises higher. There are several shaded, green nooks around the property to rest from the sun.
  • The midday rest hours are intentional times to rest from the heavy midday sun. Of course, you are invited to go out in nature if that’s what your body prefers!
  • To support yourself during this retreat, please bring whatever you need to stay protected from the sun; for example sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, and light, covering clothes.
  • In case of the rare bad weather, we will adjust the schedule accordingly. 

Veggie refreshment

Nourishing your body and energy with wholesome food is key to support healing and transformation. And delicious taste is just as important to revitalize your inner experience!

The nutrient dense vegetarian / vegan (choice) food is largely based on the local Greek-Cypriot cuisine. It is prepared with love and intention using fresh local organic ingredients.

Breakfast and lunch are served in simple buffet style on-location. Dinner is served in a local restaurant five walking minutes away. In-between meals, tea and fruit is always available for you.

If you have special dietary requirements, please reach out to us before the retreat.


1 person in a double bed room €2165

2 persons in a double bed room €1865 (per person if booked together)

2 persons in a 2 single bed room €1865 (per person if booked together)

Included in the price:
7 days of tuition, practices, meditations and more
Your sacred space – accommodation with pool and other amenities
Catered fresh local vegan and vegetarian food, don’t go hungry!
Transfer: on the first retreat day, a transfer bus can pick you up from Paphos airport, Paphos city or along the way – and then bring you safely back on the last day. If you arrive at a different airport, or are already at a different location, contact us before booking to make arrangements.

Art: @les_esprits_libres

Prerequisites & expectations

Experience with yoga: Any level

In the Cyprus retreat, no group hatha yoga sessions are offered. You are warmly invited to bring you mat and practice on your own! We will do movement exercises to awaken sense perception and to show reverence for the body as our guide. We strive to keep movements inclusive for all bodies; that said you do not need to follow along. If you feel that rest or alternative movement is more beneficial, your choice is welcome. This retreat is for you, please listen to your body.

Previous knowledge

You don’t need prior knowledge of yogic theory to attend, as all you need will be shared in sessions. We work from the knowing that everyone has gems of experience to share, and warmly encourage you to share your own wisdom when suitable and potentially helpful to others. In fact, giving space for more connection and intimacy, and allowing every participant to be fully involved in this shared learning journey, is our most important intention. We strive for a safe and intimate sharing circle where everyone belongs.

Safe community

You are expected to be honest and take responsibility for your own feelings and actions, and to be accepting towards all other participants. We invite people of any belief, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Compassion, respect, kindness and openness are embraced and encouraged. Our community guidelines are detailed in the application process. We will assure that all guidelines are adhered to, in order to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

Included in this retreat

Airport transportation from Paphos + Paphos Airport at specified date/time

8 nights lodging at Agrotiko House

3 daily vegetarian / vegan meals (full board), fruit & tea outside of meals

1 extended, daily interactive teaching session with exercises (incl pauses)

Practice: Group, pair, single person exercises in shadow & light work

Ceremony: restorative mindfulness practice in nature

Satsang – sharing our experiences, Q&A

Evening: Song, dance, Kirtan or similar communion

1 daily meditation class or Yoga Nidra

Airfare is NOT included in the overall retreat cost and attendees are responsible for their own airfare, scheduling, and baggage.

The venue is a 30 km, 30-minute drive from Paphos Airport (15 min from Paphos city) and 140 km, 1h 35 min from Larnaca Airport. A shuttle from Paphos Airport via Paphos to the retreat center and back will be provided at 3:00PM on arrival day, and at 11:30AM on departure day. If you arrive to Larnaca, please contact us for help arranging your trip. If you cannot arrive on the date and time of the free shuttle service, please contact us for recommendations.

Terms for booking

A 10% deposit is required on booking to secure your spot.

Remaining balance is due April 1, 2023.

The fee is non-refundable due to the nature of the purchase and event.

General terms for booking

Housing & practicalities

The house: Agrotiko is a typical old Cypriot house with a lush green garden with a lawn and flowering plants, swimming pool, free parking, air conditioning and other conveniences. It has wireless internet across the property.

Housing: Standard housing includes 1-2 persons per room:

1 person in a double bed room €2165

2 persons in a double bed room €1865 (per person if booked together)

2 persons in a 2 single bed room €1865 (per person if booked together)

If you travel with a friend or partner, book together in one booking for the discount to apply.

Depending on availability and your desire for housing, you may possibly share a 2 bed room with another participant for the discounted price even if you don’t travel with a friend. If so, you will be assigned a housing partner at arrival.

Note: Electrical outlets to charge your phone have UK standard! In general, we recommend you try to keep your phone off as much as possible during the retreat. If not for your own benefit, please consider other participant’s desire for a mobile free zone.

Laundry: One house has a washing machine; to protect the privacy of participants in this house, please cooperate and do not over-use this possibility.

Location: The house is perched on the highest point of Kallepeia village, with a wonderful view and quiet surroundings. With car it is 15 minutes from the beach, 15 minutes from Pafos town, 20 minutes from the Panagia forest and 20 minutes from Latsi, Afrodite baths and Akamas area, which we recommend as day tours if you choose to stay in Cyprus before or after the retreat.

Activities: Cyprus offers hiking, horse riding, scuba diving (mostly easy, wrecks available incl Zenobia), turtle tours, boat tours,  kayaking and more – it’s definitely worth staying a few days extra to explore the island of Aphrodite.

What to bring with you

Travel insurance: Please bring proof of travel insurance to the retreat. Usually, travel insurance for a specific time and location can be bought for low cost from your home country. You might save a little by booking the insurance early.

Yoga equipment: We recommend that you bring a mat if you have one, as it may support practices during the retreat. Yoga is not officially offered, but you are warmly encouraged to continue your practice during free hours.

Other: Bring clothes you feel comfortable to move around in, suited to summer and sunshine. Cool, covering clothes are ideal during the day. You may want something warm to put on for the night. Rain is unlikely but could occur. Bring a sun hat, sun glasses, sunscreen, sandals and shoes for walking.

Shampoo etc. is not provided. Bring your personal hygiene kit, medicines and any other personal necessities.

A journal is highly recommended, as is a camera!

You are also warmly welcome to bring a musical instrument if you enjoy connecting with music, and/or your favourite items for ceremony.


1. Aligning to Infinite Love

Exploring healing, alignment, tantric take on the purpose of healing & creating the foundation, traditional vs empowered approach, and more.

2. Body: Preparing the body for lightning

Everything body; from nervous system healing & preparation, to somatic practice for sensuality and joy, to a strong foundation for life force awakening.

3. Mind: Mastering the busy mind

Understanding and mastering the mind, overcoming doubt and limiting beliefs, using the mind for your alignment rather than against it.

4. Emotions: Alchemy; shadow & light  

Profound understanding of emotions and how to work with them – rather than them clouding your experience, learn to wield them!

5. Energy: Learn & apply techniques

In-depth and practice heavy module on understanding and working with your own energy on different levels.

6. Integration

Integrate all layers of your being one by one, and all together.

7. Alignment

Mastering the process of soul alignment – walking your path, your own way.